List of Advent & Christmas Printables

One of my friends, Elizabeth, from @athomeontheprairie on Instagram, hosts simplifying challenges each month. November’s challenge is to complete four tasks that will alleviate December’s stress and allow for a more peaceful and focused Advent.

I shared in my Instagram stories last week that one of my tasks is to print all of our coloring pages and activities for Advent early. My children adore coloring so I’m always searching for beautiful coloring pages to print for them. They also act as simple, festive decorations that we hang around our kitchen table for the day.

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Christmas Booklist

Every year after Christmastide we put our Christmas themed books away so that when Advent begins it is the first time my children have seen them all year. I check out the ones we don’t own from the library and we place them in a basket with a festive bow. I love how these stories work their magic all Advent long as we prepare our hearts for Christmas morning. Here are our favorites.

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